All kittens sold out, so our maine-coon cattery went on vacation.

25.05.2014 041We were born Maine Coon babies!

First photos of the future giants of kittens on the page!

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November 19-20 we participated in the exhibition by the WCF in Krasnodar with our junior HoneyDevil Passion Fruit.

Both days the boy obtained the estimates Ex1, NomBIS, as our beauties participated in the Maine Coon monobreed show where he became the best junior and Best of Breed !

7-8 January in Sochi, an exhibition of cats! It involved our graduate Geracl Beauty Image!

His first speech in the open class, all the judges noted his excellent show temperament, strong bones, good grooming and luxurious fur!

His first assessment of Ex1 both days, 2xCAC! Congratulations on a successful show career start!

 Выставка СОЧИ 1-2 октября

01/02 October 2011, our furry troops participated in the exhibition in the town of Adler FIFE! The first time took part, our new boy HoneyDevil Passion Fruit in junior class!


Fruit showed a very worthy!


All the judges have noted his excellent type, size, and the prospects for the future! The first estimates of fruit 2 days Ex1, the second day of BIV (Best in Variety), Nom. BIS

Our beauty Elis Beauty Image made a great strike one on the judges for its size, color and well drawn gorgeous fur! Also in the first day it was the best adult cat LH (BIS), has received BIV and the first two CAC!